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Kinesiology & Personal Training


From κίνησις (kínēsis) + ology—Ancient Greek & English—“study of movement”

Kinesiology draws from multiple scientific disciplines to improve the movement and function of the human body. Biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, exercise, nutrition, and neuroscience all play a role in how you move and your overall health. At Clinique MV, we combine kinesiology principles and personal training to help you manage pain, build strength, and enhance your everyday life.


Get Moving Again

We craft treatment plans that make you feel and perform at your best. Learn how to manage a chronic condition or work toward body composition goals—our services meet you wherever you are on your fitness or rehabilitation journey. And the benefits aren’t just physical: a program fine-tuned to your needs will increase your sense of wellbeing and mental resilience, too.

Kinesiology/Personal Training Session

$90 for 60 minutes

+ $40 per additional 30 minutes

Each follow up session consists of both ongoing fitness programming and attentive guidance through therapeutic exercises to properly target sites of chronic pain or weakness. We also work with you to provide nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

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